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About Showhorse Training Center


Champion HA/AA Native Costume Lesley Blain and CA Gabriel
with members of the Showhorse family at 2005 Youth Nationals
Photo By Ferrara

Mike Miller grew up in Wisconsin and began his involvement with Arabian horses
through 4-H at the age of nine.  Mike progressed to various open shows and then to
breed shows, ending his youth career with National Top Ten wins in
HA English Pleasure and Saddle Seat Equitation.

Mike attended Colorado State University and graduated with a Bachelor of Science
in Equine Science.  He began professionally training Arabian, Half-Arabian, and
National Show Horses in 1992.  Mike is currently the owner/trainer of
Showhorse Training Center, which he has operated since 1994.  In 2003, Mike
became a licensed Arabian Judge.  Mike has enjoyed great success in the
open divisions and his adult amateur and youth riders have been very tough to beat!

Mike and his clients have won numerous National and Regional Awards.

Here's what some of our clients have to say about us:
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Kathy Justinger with Baaska
Photo By Rob Hess

Kathy with Apollos Trojan Bey
Photo By Maria Dibello


Kathy Justinger
Client since 1998

I've been a happy client at Showhorse Training Center since 1998. I have always been impressed by Mike and Ann's professionalism in dealing with both their clients and the horses in their care. They provide excellent, personalized care for each horse. Mike is a  patient, skilled trainer who moves each horse along at their own pace. He identifies which performance division each horse is most suited for and helps them work toward their potential. One of Mike's greatest strengths is his ability to coach amateur riders.  He is patient, kind, and encouraging while providing needed feedback. I have learned a great deal about becoming a better rider, not just a better passenger.

Mike and Ann also work very well as a team to help each client identify individual goals and challenges. Mike is a great "technical advisor" while Ann is a perceptive "creative advisor". Ann often knows what I'm thinking before I do. One memorable conversation before a class helped me overcome a big hurdle and have my best ride ever in that division (TJ and I are still grateful). Above all, they are honest and ethical people, whose priority is always the health and happiness of the horses and clients.

Mike and Ann also foster a friendly, cooperative atmosphere in
the barn. Clients help each other out and provide great rooting sections at show time. One of the most frequently asked questions is "are we having fun" - because that's what it's all about. I've met many wonderful new friends that have
supported me through the not-so-perfect classes and shared
my excitement with the really great ones. We don't always win, but we always come away with both something that went well and ideas for something to work on.
I can't imagine a better place for my horses or for me!

Lesley Blain with CA Gabriel
Photo By Scott Trees

Lesley Blain with CA Gabriel
By Rob Hess


Lesley Blain
Client since 2001

Mike and Ann, words cannot even begin to describe the gratitude that I wish to pay to the two of you. As a team you refined my rough exterior and made me into the rider I am today.  The first and foremost thing I wish to thank you for is believing in me; when you believed in me, I believed in myself.  You never had a problem sending me into the arena with my boys. I might have been a little jittery while we were warming up, but when I entered the arena that all went away because I know I had Mike on the right rail, and Ann on the left.

If I hadn't come to Showhorse Training Center I wouldn't have the two greatest horses under the sun. You are constantly making sure what is best for my horses is happening. Even if I know something is not quite right with my horses, I am never worried because I know they are in good hands.

This year I felt like I belonged at nationals all due to your confidence. It was the two of you who brought me there to get those roses around my horses neck and that huge grin on my face.  Becoming a National Champion has always been my dream, but I never knew how quickly it would come. I owe it all to you two.  Thank you for being my mentors, coaches, and friends.

Julie with Kayrons Easter Lilly
Photo By Howard Schatzberg


Julie Snyder
Client since 1993

Showhorse Training Center is truly the ideal training facility for any family oriented person looking to have a blast showing Arabian horses! As a client of Mike and Ann Miller's for the past 12 years, I could not be happier with my experience with Showhorse. Mike and Ann are both extremely knowledgeable horse people who make everyone feel welcome as soon as they come through the barn doors. Mike not only has a gift in training horses for any division, but also has been extremely successful working with his amateurs. I appreciate that my lessons focus on what I am doing well as a rider, with criticism given in a respectful manner. Mike recognizes the strengths and limitations of each rider and tailors his instruction to match that person's unique needs. Additionally, Showhorse is a perfect setting for families with children. Mike works well with youth of all ages and has guided his young riders to National titles from walk-trot level up through the highly competitive 14-17 divisions. As a parent of a three year
old I am also delighted that "Stick horse" ranks as one
of the most important classes at the show! 
Showhorse is a true family environment.

Kay Knudsen with Rhuckus


Deb, Charlie, Kay Knudsen
Client since 1993

We have been clients of Showhorse Training Center for over 10 years. Throughout that time Mike and Ann have gone to great measures to provide exceptional care for our horses, caring for them as if they were their own. They are patient and knowledgeable and we have always been pleased with their service. Showhorse Training Center has earned our respect and trust.  We are pleased to recommend them to other horse owners.

Lindsey Nelson with
HL Superstition
and Jemfire MM
Photo By Rob Hess


Lindsey Nelson
Client since 2000

Five years ago, I joined Showhorse Training Center. Mike and Ann's training program is unlike any other I have experienced.  Based on strong family values and endless support and encouragement from peers, their program has helped me succeed in and out of the show ring. Their unsurpassed horsemenship skills, patience and dedication have inspired me to reach my goals.  One of my most memorable experiences with Showhorse Training is my Buckeye Championships with Jem and Stu. Thank you Mike and Ann for so many laughs and unforgettable memories!

Mike's Judging Experience

Arabian Licensed "R"
2006 Great Plains Arabian Classic
2006 WAHA Fall Colors
2005 NW Indiana
2004 Region 10 Youth Roundup
2004 Iowa All Arabian Spring Show
2004 Spring Fever Show I


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